STEFDIES is a photographic performance art series that chronicles a life. Each photo is an “anti-selfie” that strives to get back to the roots of what a photograph was intended to be- a captured moment in time.

The series provokes discussion on mortality, the function of photography, and stirs the imagination. Nothing is premeditated or prepared in these photographs, the shot is captured in the moment as it occurs.

No special equipment, lighting, or conditions are met. I (the artist) go about my normal day, and if there happens to be a moment or a place I happen to find particularly provoking, I will take a STEFDIES photo. That is the beauty of this series, each photo is just a blip in a day. Nothing less, nothing more. It is the truest sense of what I believe photographs should be- tangible physical proof that “I was here“.

In the current culture of selfie stick-kardashian-youtube-photoshopped-memememe shitshows, we have forgotten what it means to take (or treasure) a photograph. We live in a virtual reality obsessed culture. Nothing is what it truly is, especially in photographs. Everything is airbrushed, circle light enhanced, pop centric, and enhanced. Everything is “staged”. We are all merely players.

I aim to get back to taking/showing a real photograph, a real person. I must not be connected to the camera, but instead be the object for the camera.